1961 Movie Mondays: Blue Hawaii

This 1961 fluff-ball of a movie is a great way to see the fashions of the time, and became the template for the rest of Elvis’s signature movies.


Daily Hot Guys To Appear at OC Blogger Bash October 9, 2011

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Daily Hot Guys will be attending the OC Blogger Bash on Sunday, October 9th!

The models, known from the Daily Hot Guy smartphone App, and shown here in contemporary attire, will be of course dressed in their Don Draper Best on the day in question, and will be mingling with the guests throughout the evening. Enjoy!Daily Hot Guy #1 Daily Hot Guy  Daily Hot Guy  daily hot guy

OC Blogger Bash Queen of Heartz Fashion Show Contest!

How would you like to have your Hair & Makeup done 1960’s style, get fitted for a great period-style dress (or two) and walk the runway in the Queen of Heartz Fashion Show at the OC Blogger Bash? Well, then enter the contest!

Queen of Heartz MomsLA 1961 Fashions Makeovers2 Lucky blogger winners will be chosen to be a part of the Fashion Show happening the night of the Bash and all you have to do to enter is leave us a comment saying why you want to be chosen. Easy peasy!

Here are the details:

• The winners must be available for a dress fitting on Thursday, October 6th at 12noon at Queen of Heartz headquarters in Anaheim, CA.

• The winners must also be available on Sunday, October 9th – the day of the OC Blogger Bash – for a dress rehearsal at 1pm and hair & makeup sessions beginning at 3pm.

So, if you’re up for it – and can be available for these fittings and hair & makeup times – please leave a comment below. Two Winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday, October 4th at 2pm PST.

If you haven’t already received an invitation to the OC Blogger Bash, please email OCBloggerBash@purry.com to request one!

Good luck!



The contest is now over and the two winners have been chosen and notified. Thank you all for entering!


Just to inspire you to enter, take a look at the fantastic fun it was for MomsLA co-Founders Sarah Auerswald, Elise Derby and Yvonne Condes to get 1960’s makeovers & wear some of Queen of Heartz’s fabulous dresses!

****** Please note: dress and accessories will be provided, but you’ll need to bring your own shoes.

1961 Fashion: Hair and Makeup Makeovers

MomsLA co-Founders Elise Derby, Yvonne Condes & Sarah Auerswald were recently transformed from mild-mannered Mom Bloggers from the 21st Century into 1960’s housewives ready for a night on the town, thanks to the talents of Irene Nava and Tony Medina (of His Vintage Touch Hair Styling)!

MomsLA OCBlogger Bash Elise Derby MakeoverMomsLA OCBlogger Bash Yvonne Condes Makeover Irene NavaMomsLA OCBlogger Bash Yvonne Condes Makeover Tony Medina His Vintage Touch Hair StylingMomsLA OCBlogger Bash Sarah Auerswald Makeover Irene Nava MakeupMomsLA OCBlogger Bash Yvonne Condes Makeover Tony Medina His Vintage Touch Hair Styling

MomsLA OCBlogger Bash Makeover Tony Medina His Vintage Touch Hair Styling Irene Nava makeup artist

Tony Medina and Irene Nava

Check out how much work went into all the hair & makeup! Tony and Irene Nava really did a great job! I don’t know how women did all this work themselves back in the day!

In case you can’t do it yourself, Tony Medina is offering to do 6 hair appointments for bloggers coming to the OC Blogger Bash on October 9th for $50 each! The appointments start at 9am that Sunday at the Hilton in Anaheim (right next door to the Bash). The first 6 bloggers to contact Tony can have the spots: hisvintagetouch20 (at) gmail.com. Start typing!

MomsLA OCBlogger BashYvonne Condes Elise Derby Sarah Auerswald Letty Tennet Queen of Heartz Irene Nava Makeup Makeover Tony Medina His Vintage Touch Hair Styling

Irene Nava, Letty Tennant, Sarah Auerswald, Elise derby, Yvonne Condes, and Tony Medina

Photos courtesy of Little Vixen Photography.

1961 News Wednesdays: IBM Introduces Selectric Typewriter


The Selectric was quite the innovation in typewriters. Instead of each letter on an individual arm that struck the paper they were all on a ball that pivoted and the ball moved the length of the paper rather than having the paper move from side to side. Also you could change out the ball for different fonts!
As they said on Mad Men when one secretary was showing a new girl The typewriter “Don’t be overwhelmed by all the technology, the men who designed it made it simple enough for a woman”.

1961 Fashion Tuesdays: The Transformation w/ Little Vixen Photography

Little Vixen Photography joined us on site for our video shoot with Queen of Heartz to capture the 1960s transformations! Check out our blast to the past!


MomsLA Yvonne Condes BEFORE photo transformation into 1961 fashionsMomsLA Elise Derby BEFORE photo transformation into 1961 fashionsMomsLA Sarah Auerswald BEFORE photo transformation into 1961 fashionsAnd After!MomsLA Yvonne Condes AFTER photo transformation into 1961 fashionsMomsLA Elise Derby AFTER photo transformation into 1961 fashions

MomsLA Sarah Auerswald AFTER photo transformation into 1961 fashions

Stay tuned for the behind-the-scenes shots of the Transformation, coming tomorrow!


Little Vixen Photography is dedicated to making women feel beautiful whatever shape or form. They mainly specialize in the pin up style from the 1940s and 50s but can, and have, done more modern photos. Little Vixen Each photo style is customized for a specific theme ranging from in-studio to on-site photography. These styles include but are not limited to: Pinup Photography, Glamour Photography, Exotic Photography, Bridal Photography, Artistic Photography, Headshots, Commercial / Catalog and Production / Events.

Check out their website to see other amazing photos! http://littlevixenphotography.com/