Mad Men Yourself For the OC Blogger Bash

Mad Men Yourself is a great little icon-generator that’ll get you all inspired for the OC Blogger Bash coming up Sunday, October 9th. MomsLA co-Founders Elise Derby, Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald have all used it to make their virtual selves over in social media in time for the Big Shindig.

Elise:Elise's Mad Men icon Elise Derby Elise's Ramblings MomsLA

Yvonne:Yvonne's Mad Men icon Yvonne Condes Yvonne In LA MomsLA

Sarah:Sarah's Mad Men icon Sarah Auerswald Mar Vista Mom MomsLA

Give it a try! And leave a comment below when you’ve done yourself over – or post your new icon on our Facebook page!

See you at the Bash!


OC Blogger Bash Fashion Shoot with MomsLA and Queen of Heartz

Wondering what to wear to the OC Blogger Bash coming up on October 9, 2011? Look no further: Queen of Heartz knows all about the period and creates clothing that’ll make you look like a modern member of the Draper Family! Recently, MomsLA co-Founders Elise Derby, Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald got all gussied up for the big Bash by Letty Tennant and her Queen of Heartz team. Take a look!

What are YOU wearing to the OC Blogger Bash?

Ask Arlene: Whatever Do I Wear?

The weekly column on everything that is fabulous! 

Annie from Anaheim: I was looking at the OC Blogger Bash website and I have no idea what to wear! Help, Arlene, help!

Alrene: Annie, darling, you came to the right place. Can you imagine walking into the party in this fabulous coat from Anthropologie? All you need is a strand of pearls and you’re ready to slip your arm around Jon Hamm. 

If you’re looking for a dress that says “Hello, I’m here!” you might try this hot little number from Queen of Heartz. (I might wear this one myself!)

But maybe you want something classic and lovely. Then you might try this pretty dress from Banana Republic’s new line Mad Men inspired clothing.