BlogHer ’11- here we come!

Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau may be turning 50 this month, but instead of climbing over the hill, we’re running up the hill at full speed. The prime example: blogging. Say what you will about corporate blogging- some do it well, some just do it and some don’t even know what the word means. We are happy to say #3 is not us.

About six months ago, Anaheim/OC launched a blog with the intent to provide our visitors an insider’s perspective on everything OC. Just a few months later, here we are heading to BlogHer ’11, where we’ll be hosting a cocktail party to introduce ourselves and the OC Blogger Bash. With the help of our friends at MomsLA, we have an amazing group of about 50 LA and OC-based bloggers joining us to raise money for Help A Mother Out. We’ll enjoy cocktails and appetizers together, and one lucky lady will be heading home with an iPad 2 (plus another to be raffled via Twitter).

To say we are excited is an understatement, and as with any new experience, there is an element of anxiety with the anticipation of the unknown. As we pack for a few days in our neighboring San Diego, we can’t help but feel like we’re heading to a foreign country- an exotic land of hashtags, swag, exclusive parties, celebloggers and of course, plenty of surprises.

Like the new kid in class, we’ve been envisioning what our experience will be like for weeks. We’re eager to make new friends, anxious to just be there already and most importantly, can’t wait to wear our new outfits- OC Blogger Bash style. See you at BlogHer ’11!

p.s. Join us on Twitter! @OCBloggerBash #OCBloggerBash