1961 Fashion Tuesday – Jacqueline Kennedy

You can’t talk about Fashion in 1961 without mentioning Jacqueline Kennedy. She was a Fashion Leader in her day and still looks so elegant now.

President John Kennedy’s Inauguration happened in January 1961 and Jackie’s outfits set the tone for women’s fashions for years to come.

1961 Jackie Kennedy OC Blogger Bash 50th Anniversary Notice the prim, modest look. The winter coat (it was January, after all) has oversized buttons and is probably made of nice thick wool. The now-famous pill box hat kept her warm and looked very smart. And the fur muff kept her hands nice and warm for meeting dignitaries and offering her hand for a kiss.

And I have to mention how elegant Mr. President looks in his top hat, white tie and tails.

We’ll all need to step it up when dressing for the OC Blogger Bash on September 24, Ladies & Gentlemen!

{Photo credit: Kennedy Library}