1961 Fashion Tuesdays: Menswear

Here is Sean Connery in Dr. No, which technically came out in 1962, but was shot in 1961. Nothing said fashionable gentleman in the 60’s like James Bond/Sean Connery. Here you see him in his Picking Up Girls At The Beach Ensemble. I think we all know the Tuxedo look. What else could a guy need to know about clothes in 1961?


1961 News Wednesdays: IBM Introduces Selectric Typewriter


The Selectric was quite the innovation in typewriters. Instead of each letter on an individual arm that struck the paper they were all on a ball that pivoted and the ball moved the length of the paper rather than having the paper move from side to side. Also you could change out the ball for different fonts!
As they said on Mad Men when one secretary was showing a new girl The typewriter “Don’t be overwhelmed by all the technology, the men who designed it made it simple enough for a woman”.

1961 Fashion Tuesdays: The Transformation w/ Little Vixen Photography

Little Vixen Photography joined us on site for our video shoot with Queen of Heartz to capture the 1960s transformations! Check out our blast to the past!


MomsLA Yvonne Condes BEFORE photo transformation into 1961 fashionsMomsLA Elise Derby BEFORE photo transformation into 1961 fashionsMomsLA Sarah Auerswald BEFORE photo transformation into 1961 fashionsAnd After!MomsLA Yvonne Condes AFTER photo transformation into 1961 fashionsMomsLA Elise Derby AFTER photo transformation into 1961 fashions

MomsLA Sarah Auerswald AFTER photo transformation into 1961 fashions

Stay tuned for the behind-the-scenes shots of the Transformation, coming tomorrow!


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